As official technical service, we supply our customers with DOOSAN marine engines and original DOOSAN spare parts.

DOOSAN with a history in the market of more than 100 years, is the oldest company in Korea.

At present, DOOSAN is the main manufacturer of diesel engines in Korea, supplying both propulsion engines and engines for marine generators, mainly for applications in work vessels, such as fishing boats, passenger boats and port services, dredges, etc.

Our workshop, Tanajet, in the port of Barcelona, provides mechanical and maintenance coverage of DOOSAN engines to barges and companies such as MOORING and BARCELONA PRACTICAL CORPORATION.

The company’s trajectory and the age of the DOOSAN firm, are reaffirmed in the quality and development of their products, since, over the years, they have been perfecting and opening up markets in all sectors.

The first DOOSAN diesel engine was manufactured in Korea in 1958. A large variety of industrial diesel and natural gas engines have been produced.

Small industrial engines that comply with the most stringent exhaust emission regulation of the mundo.

DOOSAN offers, therefore, quality, technology and constant evolution.

All the spare parts that you need, we supply them directly to you!