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Installation and repair of engines

In TANAJET we work both with the installation of new engines, and with the integral repair of already installed engines. We are specialized in this type of work since from our beginnings we can say that it is one of our main specialties.

One of our jobs:


In the boat the water, diesel, exhaust and other elements are disassembled, once disassembled and having the engine uncoupled, it is extracted with a crane truck to take it to our facilities, to proceed to the complete disassembly of cylinder heads, pistons, connecting rods, liners, main bearings of the engine and the replacement of the main engine GUASCOR F360 crankshaft of a fishing vessel of 25m in length, for its revision, as well as the auxiliary elements, such as injectors, pumps, coolers, turbos, in TANAJET facilities.

Once the disassembly process has been carried out, the block and parts are cleaned, hydraulic tests are carried out, all the disassembled elements are reconditioned and prepared, the injectors are checked and the assembly is carried out with the new parts, once assembled everything is adjusted, and is carried back to the boat for assembly and alignment, starts up and tested s start-up.