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Investor repair

In TANAJET one of our specialties is the repair and replacement of all the elements of a reducer, such as complete sprockets, bearings, friction disc, regardless of the brand and type of reducer can be variable pitch or PTO reducers (PTO) ), although we are specialized mainly in the brands TECNODIRVE, GUASCOR, BAUDOUIN.

En TANAJET una de nuestras especialidades es la reparación y sustitución de todos los elementos de una reductora, como piñones completos, cojinetes, disco de fricción, indiferentemente de la marca y tipo de reductora pudiendo ser reductoras de paso variable o con toma de fuerza (PTO), aunque estamos especializados principalmente en las marcas TECNODIRVEGUASCORBAUDOUIN.

Repair of a variable step reducer GUASCOR:

We move to the boat to proceed with the disassembly of a GUASCOR reducer, we uninstall the entire installation of pipe and connection elements, we uncouple the engine reducer and with a crane truck we extract it and transfer it to the TANAJET facilities.

Once the gearbox is in our facilities we start with the cutting, disassembling casing, primary and secondary pinions, main pinion variable pitch shaft, etc.

Once all exploded clean all the parts and elements of the reducer, check and verify shafts, pinions, discs, bearings, etc.

We substitute the necessary ones again. With all the elements prepared the assembly of the parts in the workshop begins and once completed and having made all the necessary checks and ending the assembly, we proceed to take the gearbox on board for installation, connection and sea tests for Verify that everything is correct.