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As it could not be otherwise, SIEMENS is also present in marine engines having absorbed the GUASCOR engines. At the beginning of our activity in 1995, we began our journey with GUASCOR marine engines, being an official technical service of marine engines and original spare parts.

During these years, more than two decades, we have installed and repaired fishing and industrial vessels, sectors to which we are basically dedicated since the beginning, GUASCOR engines, which offered our customers the necessary technology to cover their work needs.

The wide range of marine engines developed in its Research and Development Center has allowed it to manufacture a wide variety of engines with maximum performance. So, we can find diesel engines and also Gas. Diesel engines are intended for marine propulsion or generator sets, while gas engines are basically intended for waste treatment plants.

With more than 40 years of experience, GUASCOR knows perfectly the work demands of its marine engines, since they have been manufactured with the objective of maximum performance in hard working conditions and with a minino consumption.

The range of GUASCOR engines ranges from 35 KW to 1300 KW, being highly reliable and a guarantee of safety against the risks of navigation.

GUASCOR also offers high quality gearboxes being the perfect complement for its engines.

Motors of the series SF, are designed to work in the hardest conditions and manufactured with materials of first quality.

The series is composed by motors in line of 6 and 8 cylinders and motors of 12 and 16 cylinders in V of 60º.

They are simple and economical maintenance engines, designed for intensive work.

At the Port of Barcelona, TANAJET performs repair and maintenance work on engines, offering everything from changing filters to disassembly and complete assembly of the engine (cylinder heads, injectors, discs, crankshaft, etc.).

All the spare parts that you need, we supply them directly to you!