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A few decades ago, we began to work with MAN engines, offering our customers the quality and development that the firm offers, being since then official technical service of marine engines and original spare parts.

MAN engines with the most advanced technology, offers 2 and 4 stroke engines.

MAN, within the range of fast marine engines, supplies diesel engines in configurations of 6 cylinders in line and 8 and 12 cylinders in V with displacements between 12 and 24 liters that are able to develop a power of between 340 and 1,900 CV.

They are state-of-the-art engine designs, optimized for Level II IMO.

The applications of MAN marine engines range from the propulsion of yachts, patrol boats, lifeboats, passengers and pilots, fishing boats, etc. until the activation of marine generators.

Great variety of engines to meet the needs of each client.

MAN marine engines comply with the strictest environmental regulations guaranteeing a minimum emission into the atmosphere of polluting substances.

In TANAJET, we carry out the maintenance and repair of the MAN engines, the sports range and yachts and companies such as BARCELONA PRACTICAL CORPORATION.

All the spare parts that you need, we supply them directly to you!