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Henkel Applications: DHW storage tanks

Currently, the maintenance and conservation of domestic hot water (DHW) accumulators in many buildings such as hospitals, hotels, residences, sports centers, etc. with significant consumption, become very important. Henkel’s systems represent a reliable solution for conditioning these, extending the life of the tanks and preventing corrosion.

Description of the accumulator problem:

Inadequate protection of DHW accumulators can lead to the following problems:

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  1. Severely shorten the service life of the reservoir
  2. Lead to the drilling of the reservoir
  3. Cause water coloration
  4. Bacterial proliferation


  • Replace the accumulator:
    • Cost of new equipment
    • Often, it is necessary to remove the old accumulators and install the new ones, the cost of which can be much higher than that of the new equipment.
  • HENKEL repair system applied by TANAJET S.L:

Application phases:

In TANAJET one of our specialties is the repair and replacement of all the elements of a gearbox, such as complete pinions, bearings, friction disc, regardless of the brand and type of gearbox, being able to be variable pitch gearboxes or with power take-off (PTO), although we are specialized mainly in TECNODIRVE, GUASCOR, BAUDOUIN brands.

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These procedural steps are used by TANAJET S.L. for a correct application of the final product LOCTITE PC 7255. A two-component epoxy coating with ceramic filler that provides a high gloss and low friction surface that resists the abrasion of fine particles. In addition, it is APPROVED for use on Sanitary Hot Water vessels. Other fields of application for LOCTITE PC 7255 are in much more aggressive industrial environments (protection against concentrated hydrochloric acid, 40% sodium hydroxide, abrasion resistance, etc.).

QUALITY IN THE PROCESS: During the treatment, TANAJET S.L. provides quality assurance of the work, complying with HENKEL’s recommendations:

  • Degree of cleanliness and roughness
  • Salt measurement
  • Climatic conditions during application
  • Wet and dry film thicknesses

At the end of the treatment, all measurements and work processes are compiled in a report that is given to the client.

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  • Quick
  • Less expensive than new equipment
  • No need for construction work
  • Significant overall cost savings
  • Long service life
  • Periodic review and reapplication possible