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Henkel Applications: Marine Chocking

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Equipment and machinery require a reliable foundation to prevent misalignment caused, for example, by engine vibrations or ship movements. LOCTITE PC 7202 Marine Chocking is a two-component epoxy system developed specifically for chocking engines and all types of machinery in the marine industry. It is certified and registered by the most important classification societies.

Features and Benefits

Marine Chocking offers distinct advantages over conventional methods of support, such as steel leveling wedges and concrete fixation.

  • Self-leveling, 100% contact guaranteed
  • Fast curing, does not shrink
  • Excellent chemical resistance, non-corrosive
  • High compressive strength, resisting high dynamic loads and vibration
  • Reduces impacts and noise from machinery
  • Long-term durability

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Tanajet S.L. as a Henkel certified applicator, offers this type of services. From engine blocking as the most characteristic example to works such as:

  • Horn pipes and flying buttresses
  • Rudder pin and bearing assemblies
  • Bearing housings and bearings of large dimensions
  • Servomotors
  • Stern winches and anchor windlasses
  • Engine room pumps, cargo pumps,
  • Bulkhead
  • Bow thrusters, etc…

It is an easy to apply solution that allows quick fixings and/or repairs. Its high compressive strength and long-term durability make it the safe form of foundation for both ship and industrial plant applications.